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GRC is shouting out a huge THANK YOU to team members and nonmembers alike who participated in our training rides and raced and volunteered at our two popular race venues in 2018, the MASS Neshaminy Classic Mountain Bike Race and the MAC Whirlybird Cyclocross Race. GRC especially shouts THANK YOU to our supporting corporate and product sponsors. Please visit their web sites linked on this page.

Guys Racing Club's Road Team has been celebrating the closure of 2018 Road Racing, Mountain Bike, and Cyclocross seasons with much success after many hard fought two wheeled battles.  Below are our proud team results from 2017. Stay tuned for the 2018 announcements!


Masters Men & Women Team Category - 1st place !
Large Team Category -  4th place 
Individual achievements:

Masters Men 55+ - Sean O'Rielly,  1st place !

Masters Men 55+ - Joe Manacchio,  4th place

Masters Men 55+ State Championship Race - Pete Thaller, 1st place !

Masters Men 65+ - Andrew Buck, 4th Place
Masters Men 65+ - Martin Lorenz, 9th Place
Women's 35+ - Pamela Wahl, 7th Place


For Guy's Racing Club Cyclocross Team, many top achievements were hard earned in the action-packed 2017 Cyclocross Season in the MAC, PACX, NJBA CX and the new WPCX​

 race series: 

MAC 40+ Women - Lisa Most, 2nd Place

PACX U19 Men - Judah Featherman, 2nd Place

MAC 9-10 Junior Men - Bryson Evens, 2nd Place

MAC 45+ Men - Ray Zeimet, 4th Place

PACX 55+ Men - Mark Featherman, 4th place

MAC 15-18 Elite Men - Judah Featherman6th Place

PACX 45+ Men - Ray Zeimet6th Place

PACX 65+ Men - Jerry Weiner, 6th Place

PACX 45+ Women - Lisa Most, 8th Place
MAC 60+ Men - Jerry Weiner, 7th Place

MAC 15-18 Elite Men - Stephen Ponzer, 8th Place

NJBA CX 60+ - Scott Reynolds, 8th Place

MAC 60+ Men - Joe Manacchio, 9th Place

WPCX 60+ -  Joseph Kenas, 9th Place
MAC 45+ Men - Trevor Williams, 10th Place


Guy's Racing Club's Mountain Bike Team had another active season with many high placed rankings in the Mid-Atlantic Super Series:

XC Team Overall - 8th Place

Individual Cross Country (XC) Series achievements:

Expert CAT 1 Men 60+ - Scott Reynolds, 1st Place

Expert CAT 1 Men 50-59 - Bill Ambruster, 4th Place

Expert CAT 1 Men Singlespeed - Ed Hein, 10th Place

Sport CAT 2 Women 19-39 - Amanda Swords, 2nd Place

Sport CAT 2 Women 35-39 - Leslie Conrad, 5th Place

Enduro Team Overall - 5th Place

Individual Enduro Series achievements:

Pro/CAT 1 Women Open - Janel Demeter, 1st Place

Maxter Men 45+ - John Stenger, 6th Place

Sport CAT 2/3 Men 19-29 Tim Smith, 6th Place

Endurance Team Overall - 13th Place

Individual Endurance Series achievements:

Endurance Singlespeed - Tim Dickson, 8th Place

Endurance Singlespeed - Gerald Nugent, 9th Place


Learn more about us by checking out the Guy's Racing on Strava link.  We're a fun group of cycling enthusiasts celebrating our best and worst two wheeled action in a social forum.

Guy's Racing membership is open for enrollment. For more information, email our Membership Coordinator listed on our Contact US page.